Below is a listing of a collection of podcasts that, as it builds, will provide opportunity for all kinds of podcasts on the general subject of Shaw, his life, times, and works, with a single voice addressing a single subject or perhaps an interviewer asking questions of a special guest or perhaps a group discussion of some topic. You suggest the format.


          1.) SECTION 1 will feature interviews related to the Palgrave Macmillan series, “Bernard Shaw and His Contemporaries.”


We begin with an interview by NPR editor Kathryn Eident of Nelson Ritschel, one of the co-editors of “Bernard Shaw and His Contemporaries,” of Ritschel’s book titled Bernard Shaw, W.T. Stead, and The New Journalism.


1 A.)  “George Bernard Shaw and Freedom of the Press”




          2.)  SECTION 2 will feature individuals talking on historical/biographical subjects.


2A.) Shaw on YouTube by Gabriel Byrne, RTE Documentary.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c60b8gORtTc



          3.) SECTION 3 will focus on a variety of “Critical Approaches to Bernard Shaw,” inviting members of the International Shaw Society and others to speak on how they have interpreted Shaw’s works and, perhaps, taught them in classes.   These podcasts will  be found on Kay Li’s Sagittarius website at http://libra.apps01.yorku.ca/podcast/.


3 A.) The first podcast is a brief introduction by R. F. Dietrich, Founding President of the International Shaw Society, to a series which invites other Shaw Scholars to create podcasts of their own on the general subject of “Critical Approaches to Bernard Shaw.”   It can be accessed at  http://libra.apps01.yorku.ca/podcast/?name=2015-06-25_dick_dietrich_introduction.m4a .

3 B.)  The first full podcast in this series is by Sally Peters, speaking on her book

Bernard Shaw: The Ascent of the Superman (Yale University Press, cloth 1996, paper 1998).   It can be accessed at http://libra.apps01.yorku.ca/podcast/?name=2015-11-17_peters_on_shaw.m4a.


          4.) SECTION 4:?  And we’d be happy to open a fourth category for the reading of Shaw’s plays, once they’re free of the copyright in 2020.



If you wish to participate by creating your own podcast, individually or as interviewer or as part of a group or some other format, please contact R. F. Dietrich at dietrich@shawsociety.org and Kay Li at wli@yorku.ca.