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Hear all about it!  

Desperado Shaw practices

“the terrible art of sharpshooting

at an audience.”


ISS Newsletters appear twice a year.  A short newsletter appears in the journal called SHAW: The Journal of Bernard Shaw Studies (Penn State University Press), and a larger, end-of-the-year newsletter is published online (as below, year by year).  The one at the end of the year will be archived here starting with the 2009 Newsletter.  Just click on the one you want to read:


2021-ISS-Newsletter:  https://shawsociety.org/ISSnewsletter2021.htm


2020-ISS-Newsletter: (https://shawsociety.org/ISSnewsletter2020.htm))     (https://shawsociety.org/ISSnewsletter2020.pdf  


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