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As one of the principal goals of the International Shaw Society is to encourage younger generations to experience the delights and enlightenment of reading and seeing Shaw’s works and participating in the discussion of them, the ISS offers a generous program of support for “emerging scholars” in the form of scholarships and travel grants, which are mostly allied with particular events, such as symposia and conferences.




To contribute to the fund for grants and scholarships, include donations in your membership application or renewal. See the membership form at .   If you give a minimum of $500, the grant the ISS gives with that can carry your name, if you wish.   This year, for example, the ISS Grants will be named the Elizabeth and David Cayer Grant, the Roelina and Charles Berst Grant, the Claudio and Rosalie Haddad Grant, the Lori and Richard Dietrich Grant, the Robert A. Gaines Grant, and the Joseph Hassett Grant. 


APPLICATIONS for grants or scholarships for conferences or symposia:


 1.) CONFERNCE in Cáceres, Spain: To apply for an ISS Travel Grant to the “International Shaw Conference: Shaw in Europe” on May 25-26-27, 2022, co-sponsored by the International Shaw Society and the University of Extremadura in Cáceres, Spain, first learn more about the conference by clicking on, especially focusing on the deadline for your proposal for presenting a paper (January 28, 2022). You can also contact the members of the Organizing Committee at the following address:  After your proposal for a paper presentation is accepted you could then apply for an ISS Travel Grant.  Normally, $500 is the limit but explain why more might be justified. See for how to apply.  Vaccination against the COVID-19 will be required.     


2.) SYMPOSIUM at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario: To apply for an ISS Travel Grant (help with money for travel) or a Bryden Scholarship (free lodging etc.) for the ISS Symposium in 2022 (July 22-24-25) follow the instructions below:


          For the 2022 Symposium, Bryden Scholarships are available for free lodging for the three nights of the Symposium, free registration for the conference, and free tickets for the Shaw plays (Too True To Be Good and The Doctor’s Dilemma) offered at the Shaw Festival..  (See for other plays offered). Travel Grants (normally a maximum of $500 unless you are flying from outside North America) are available to assist “emerging scholars” in paying travel expenses not otherwise reimbursed.  You can apply for both the Travel Grant and the Bryden Scholarship (if help with travel is needed to accept the Bryden) or you can apply for them separately.  The deadline for applying is March 20, 2022.  Send applications to ISS Vice President Jennifer Buckley at and copy the Treasurer Michael O’Hara at Acceptance of the Travel Grant and/or Bryden Scholarship assumes that you will attend the entire Symposium and present a paper or appear on a panel as scheduled, July 22-23-24, 2022. It’s highly recommended that you read first the details of the Symposium as found at Send questions to

          The Bryden Scholarship is named after Professor Ronald Bryden, former Literary Adviser to the Shaw Festival, who was, at various times, the dramaturge to Britain’s Royal Shakespeare Company, one of England’s leading drama critics, and the head of the Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama at the University of Toronto. A collection of his essays entitled Shaw and his Contemporaries has been published by the Shaw Festival. 





Deadline for applications is March 20, 2022 for the Symposium


Follow the instructions below:

1.) Send a brief letter introducing yourself (if unknown to the committee),

2.) a 250 word abstract of your paper presentation (make it longer if

unknown to the committee),

3.) your application form (see below) for a Bryden Scholarship and/or Travel Grant, and a C.V.

4.) all three in one file and in that order, addressed to .

When emailing, title your application in this way:

Your Last Name--Short Title of Proposed Presentation—Symposium 19.


In the case of events in the U.S.A. or Canada, $500 is normally the maximum granted for Travel Grants  for North Americans, but those coming from abroad may ask for more.   In the case of a conference in Europe or anywhere outside North America, you can ask for more than $500 if you can make a case for that.  







Just copy and paste the following form into an email or a document that can be

attached to an email.  Please type your responses to all items, expanding sections as needed. 


Applying for Bryden Scholarship, ISS Travel Grant, or Both (Brydens pertain only to Symposia at Niagara-on-the-Lake, not to conferences):


1) Name:

2) Address:

3) Email Address (correspondence by email is required):

4) Telephone Numbers (Home, Work, Cell):

5) Your Current Academic Affiliation (as student or teacher):

6) Proposed Paper Title:

7) Projected Travel Expenses (Please limit this to unreimbursed expenses):

8) Studies of Shaw You Are Currently Involved In:

9) Future Plans for Study of Shaw:

10) Are there any special reasons why you should be given this grant?

11) Attach a C.V. that demonstrates your scholarship and research over the course of your career.



Instructions and Application

Named in honor of the Founding President of the International Shaw Society, “The R. F. Dietrich Research Scholarship for Shaw Studies” is an annual award of up to $1,000 USD (depending upon how extensive the research project is and whether other grants are involved) to support research into any aspect of the life and work of Bernard Shaw by a graduate student or early-career scholar. The award, which may be held in conjunction with other awards, is intended to help defray costs associated with visits to libraries and other institutions that hold special Shaw collections and archives. Other research-related costs may be eligible at the discretion of the Selection Committee. Candidates must be members of the International Shaw Society, which you can join prior to applying by going to and following the directions.  Scholarship winners will be expected at the nearest opportunity to present a paper on their research at an ISS Summer Shaw Symposium (annual) or Conference (as scheduled), even if being used as part of a monograph.  Applications must include a detailed research proposal and CV and must be submitted to the President of the International Shaw Society, Robert A. Gaines at The deadline for applications is September 30, 2022 and results will be announced by November 1, 2022.  

Use the form below to provide information. Your application will be judged partly on your knowledge of the research opportunities available at the site(s) and readiness to begin. Just copy and paste the following form into a document that can be attached to an email.  Please type your responses to all items, expanding sections as needed. 

1.) Name of Applicant:

2.) Name of Research Project:

3.) Street Address:

4.) Email Address (correspondence by email is required):

5.) Telephone Numbers (Cell & one other):

6.) Your Current Academic Affiliation (as student and/or teacher):

7.) Site(s) of Research Project and dates of research confirmed or applied for:

8.) Cite what works you have discovered at the site(s) that will contribute to your  


9.) Other financial aid grants applied for relevant to this application:

10.) Detailed Description of Research Project, appended by a list of all costs expected.  You will not be asked to send receipts for costs.  The grant of up to $1,000 will be sent to you after your return from the research venture and you have reported to the committee the results of it and steps you have taken to share it with the ISS community by delivering a paper at a Symposium or Conference or by publishing it in some form.

11.) A final report should be sent when your research has resulted in a manuscript published or a paper presented at a conference or symposium.

12.) Attach a CV that demonstrates your scholarship and research over the course of

     your career, noting especially work in Shaw Studies.


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