July 21-25, 2017

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Co-Sponsored by the International Shaw Society,

The Shaw Festival, and York University








INTRODUCTION: This year’s international conference is taking place in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, where The Shaw Festival resides and whose season runs from April through October, with eleven or twelve plays featured, among them two Shaw plays, this year’s being Saint Joan and Androcles and the Lion.  See the calendar of plays at www.shawfest.com.



General Call for Papers

  While the conference theme is “Shaw at The Shaw,” papers and panels may address any aspect of Shaw’s life, work, time, and legacy. The committee will be especially receptive to papers that speak to one (or both) of the Shaw plays being featured at the Shaw Festival this year (Saint Joan and Androcles and the Lion) or that compare those plays with other plays or Shaw with other playwrights in the 2017 repertory of the Shaw Festival (see www.shawfest.com).   Length of papers 20 minutes maximum.  Send an outline of 200-300 words, with your name and employer/university to: shawconference@gmail.com by 15 February 2017, accompanied by a letter of introduction and CV if you are unknown or not well known to the committee.  Please also copy the ISS President, Michael O’Hara, at mohara@bsu.edu. 

    If you are “an emerging scholar,” you may be eligible for a travel grant and/or Bryden Scholarship (consult www.shawsociety.org/iss-travel-grants-2017.htm).

 Call for Student Papers

 For Undergraduate, MA, and PhD students papers can be regular length of 20 minutes or you can present a 5 minute paper in a special session.  Please let us know which kind of presentation you would prefer.  Along with your  abstract, you may be eligible for a travel grant and/or Bryden Scholarship (see www.shawsociety.org/iss-travel-grants-2017.htm).    It should be sent to shawconference@gmail.com by 30 January, 2017, with a copy to ISS President Michael O’Hara at mohara@bsu.edu.

 For those students interested in attending we are working on masterclasses and workshops offered by members of the Shaw Festival.



      This conference comes with a bonanza of discounts, on Registration, Theater Tickets, and Accommodations.  

First, in the process of registration, you will note that, while all are welcome to attend this conference, 2017 membership in the International Shaw Society warrants a considerable discount, the fee being $190 instead of the $250 non-members pay, and $50 for students instead of the $90 non-member students pay.  Obviously we’re encouraging you to join the ISS before registering, which you can do by going to www.shawsociety.org/2017membership.htm and following the instructions.      

 Next, upon paying for your registration, you will receive an email from the ISS giving you a discount code to use when you order theater tickets at a 15% discount from the Shaw Festival Box Office at 1-800-511-7429.   With the code, you will be able to buy two tickets to any play during the conference, July 21-25, and the day before and the day after the conference, seven days in all.  You should of course start by buying tickets for the two Shaw plays, Androcles and the Lion on Friday, 8pm, at the Royal George Theater and Saint Joan on Saturday, 2pm, at the Festival Theater.   Please do not order tickets for plays at times that the conference will be in session (which means ordering tickets for the evening performances only on July 21-25).   We are also being given the advantage of buying tickets as early as November 26, 2016, before tickets go on sale to the general public on December 5, 2016, if you have registered by then. 

 Another huge discount follows from registration when you book hotels in the Vintage Hotel Group with which the ISS has a contract.  The principal hotel at which the most rooms have been reserved is the Prince of Wales  because that is where most of the conference will take place, the discount price being $219 CAD (about $170 USD).  The Moffat Inn, where we have the second most number of rooms reserved, goes for $199 CAD (about $155 USD).  It is also possible to book the Queen’s Landing ($219 CAD) and Pillar and Post ($219 CAD), but these involve considerably more walking.  And you need to let us know early on if you want to book these two because special arrangements may need to be made.  Rooms at all these hotels customarily go for $300 to $400 and up.  Please note that altogether only a limited number of rooms have been reserved, so act soon.  They get booked early.   The two main conference hotels, the Prince of Wales and the Moffat, are centrally located, within steps of each other, and an easy walk to all the theaters and many restaurants, and thus most of the reserved rooms are there.  Below are instructions for booking these hotels:

Instructions for booking a hotel stay with the International Shaw Society

Option 1: Call Reservations Department

·       Contacting the Hotel’s Reservation Department at 1-888-669-5566 on or before Monday May 22, 2017

·       Identifying themselves as Attendees for the International Shaw Society Event over July 21 – 26, 2017.

·       Providing a valid major credit card number that is accepted by the Hotel, in order to guarantee the reservation.


Option 2: Book Online

·       Visit the Hotel’s website at http://www.vintage-hotels.com/#bookNow on or before Monday, May 22, 2017

·       Select Property of choice under Location

·       Enter their Arrival Date (21/07/2017), number of nights (5), and number of guests

·       Under Group ID, enter 1794692 and then click Make Your Reservation

·       Browse available rooms in the block, and click on Show Rooms to see which categories have a room with 1 bed or 2 beds available. Once you have made your selection, click Book Now.

·       Review the information, enter your information and a valid major credit card number to guarantee the reservation.

Please note:

Check in Time:         3:00 P.M.       Check out Time:      11:00 A.M

Individual reservations are subject to the hotels 14 day cancellation policy. Individuals canceling within the 14 days of arrival will be charged for each night’s accommodation as a cancellation fee.



     Niagara-on-the-Lake has many other hotels and B&Bs available, if you do not wish to take advantage of the conference discounts at the Vantage hotels.   The Chamber of Commerce is very helpful in finding places; see http://www.niagaraonthelake.com/page/Accommodations. If you are looking for more affordable accommodation, special rates are available at the Residence and Conference Centre on the Niagara College campus west of Niagara-on-the-Lake, located at the junction of the QEW and the western off-ramp to Niagara-on-the-Lake (a 15-minute-drive to downtown NOTL), 137 Taylor Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, LOS 1JO. For Niagara College itself, see http://www.stayrcc.com/profile/index/30/69/.   For details about the rooms and prices, see http://www.shawsociety.org/Niagara-ISS-Shaw-Festival-Flyer.pdf. For questions or reservations, see http://stayrcc.com/properties/view/index/Niagara-on-the-Lake/Contact%20Us/.    



 While a schedule of speakers, performers, and paper presenters will probably not be ready until sometime in May of 2017, we are delighted to announce that our keynote speaker will be the new Artistic Director of the Shaw Festival, Tim Carroll.  



More may be forthcoming on travel advice later, but for now remember that passports are needed if you are not Canadian, and that it sometimes takes months to renew them, if that is needed. 



     Before registering please be reminded that you will receive a considerable price break if you are a member of The International Shaw Society in 2017.  (ISS membership cost is $30 for one, $40 for a spousal membership, and $10 for students. The form is at www.shawsociety.org/2017membership.htm. Just follow the instructions at the top).

  And please note that even if you have a spousal membership in the ISS, you still need to register individually for this conference. 



   Please note that once you fill in the Registration Form, you may not be able to go back.

Questions should be sent to shawconference@gmail.com or to ISS@shawbiz.org.


International Shaw Society