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The International Shaw Society encourages regional societies to continue or to form and conduct themselves independently, especially in ways that complement the ISS, which is the only society that is not place-bound, as it is the only society that may hold its meetings anywhere in the world.  Although the ISS aims to be the glue that holds the Shaw world together, a regional society may provide benefits that an international society cannot, such as a more focused approach tailored to its locale, more frequent meetings, special performances, the availability of local talent, meetings that are more open to the populace at large, etc.  Currently in existence are The Bernard Shaw Society, meeting in New York City, The Shaw Society of England, meeting in London, The Shaw Society of Ireland, meeting in Dublin, The Shaw Society of India, meeting in Calcutta or New Delhi, and a Shaw Society of Japan, meeting in various Japanese venues.  Links to them and whatever other Shaw societies develop and establish websites will be provided on this page.  Such as:


The Bernard Shaw Society, New York


The Shaw Society of England


The Bernard Shaw Society of Japan