The best and most complete chronology of Shaw’s life and career in book form is A. M. Gibbs’ A Bernard Shaw Chronology (Palgrave, 2001), and the first item below is an extreme abbreviation of that.   Of the many chronologies of Shaw’s life, works, and times you might be able to find online, the ISS offers three different versions, as follows, the third being the most detailed:


1.)  “A Chronology of Shaw’s Life,” by A. M. Gibbs, author of many works on Shaw but especially of the most recent biography, Bernard Shaw: A Life:



2.) “A Chronology of Shaw’s Works,” by Michel Pharand, General Editor of SHAW (an annual journal) and of Bernard Shaw and the French:



3.) “A Descriptive Chronology of His Plays, Theatrical Career, and Dramatic Theories” by Charles A. Carpenter, author of Bernard Shaw as Artist-Fabian and of many bibliographies (including the one on Shaw linked to the ISS homepage).








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