Minutes of the Meeting of the ISS on July 25, 2010

At the 7th Annual Shaw Symposium in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Prepared by John McInerney, Recording Secretary

1.       The meeting was called to order by President Leonard Conolly at 4:07.


2.       President’s Report:  President Conolly first updated the members on Shaw Symposia and Conferences slated to be held in 2010 and 2011, noting that the Chicago symposium, sponsored by the ISS, Shaw Chicago, and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, will include a production of CANDIDA and of CASHEL BYRON’S PROFESSION, as well as a celebration of Jay Tunney’s book, THE PRIZEFIGHTER AND THE PLAYWRIGHT.  He added that next summer’s conference hosted by the University of Guelph, which will include a bus trip to the Niagara Shaw Festival to see several plays, has been planned to coincide with Shaw’s birthday and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Shaw Festival.  Next, the President reported on his recent visit to the Bernard Shaw Summer School in Carlow, Ireland.   He said that the event was held there because it was the home of some of Shaw’s relatives, and the town is thinking of doing something more to honor Shaw,  adding that their theatre and other facilities could support those plans, although the availability of  theatrical talent in the area seemed rather limited.   Nevertheless, they hope to build on their resources, and an ISS conference might be held there in 2013, which would be our first “overseas” conference.   President Conolly also announced that the SHAW ANNUAL, SHAW 30, will be published in October. (See the list of editors and the projected focus for each volume on the agenda.)  He cautioned the members that we may have to drop our combined membership and subscription fee as the cost of the periodical grows.   Finally the President reported that there is nothing new or definite about a New York symposium; indeed we will have to consider how many symposia we can realistically sponsor on a regular basis.        


3.      Treasurer’s Report:  See the written report accompanying the minutes.  In commenting on the report, Dick Dietrich noted the slight decline in membership, the first in seven years.  However, he added that the year is not over yet, and there usually are a few late new memberships.  The Treasurer said he believed that the economic recession was one   cause of the decline; several non-renewing graduate student members agreed, he reported.  He also reminded us that natural attrition (the death of members) is an ongoing occurrence.    There was a brief discussion of other possible causes.  Professor Dietrich then drew the members’ attention to figures showing that although our income has declined this year, budget cuts are allowing us to meet our cash on hand target.  Finally, he reminded the members that the Chicago Symposium will be our least expensive symposium to attend, as there is no registration fee, and encouraged members to attend, especially because the ShawChicago troupe is professional and well rehearsed. 


4.      Membership Secretary’s Report: In her final report as membership secretary, Lori Dietrich announced that we have 179 members from 15 countries, with Canada and the United States plus a variety of European countries supplying the majority of them.  She also said that she appreciated the opportunity her office gave her to meet and work with so many of the members.


5.      Other Business: since Membership Secretary Dietrich and Recording Secretary McInerney are completing their terms of office this year, we will need to hold an election to fill both offices before the New Year begins.


6.      The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 P.M.


                                                                               Respectfully submitted,

                                                                               John McInerney




Mid-Year Financial Report (As of 7/31/10)

2010 EXPENDITURES (as of 7/31/10)

$          10.00  Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services (Annual 

                        Registration for Solicitation of Contributions)

$          56.00   Odessa Postmaster (Rent for P.O. Box 728)

$          61.25   Florida Division of Corporations Annual Report

$     3,725.25   Johns Hopkins U. Press (for ISS copies of SHAW 30)

$         650.00  ISS Travel Grants (for Shaw Festival ISS Symposium)


$     4,502.50   TOTAL 2010 EXPENDITURES (as of 7/31/10)


ASSETS (after 2010 expenditures as of 7/31/10)

$  5,890.04           TOTAL IN CHECKING ACCOUNTS (after 2010 Expenditures)


$ 32,208.72        TOTAL IN 5 Certificates of Deposit (+ 2010 interest)


$ 39,166.56  TOTAL ASSETS (+ 2010 interest) [after 2010 expenditures as of 7/31/10]


“Budget Projected for Income” in 2010 was $13,100, which included $12,000 for “Memberships & Contributions,” and we’re going to fall short of that by over $2,000.  So we have cut expenses by about the same amount, meaning that we should end up with total assets for 2010 of about $36,000, as projected.  

Considerations for the Future:

A. Next year’s July conference at Guelph / NOTL (replacing the 8th Annual Shaw Symposium, by the way) may incur greater expense.   Yet to be determined.

B.   Whether or not there will be a second symposium in Chicago in 2011 will be partly determined by how successful this year’s symposium is.   Yet to be determined.

C. Penn State U. Press is raising rates on the SHAW journal in 2011 for institutions and individuals, but they haven’t yet indicated if they will raise rates on the ISS.   If they do, we cannot raise dues to absorb that.   Perhaps we need to go back to making the journal optional.