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The meeting was convened by ISS president Dick Dietrich (henceforth referred to as DD) around 4:15 pm at the conclusion of the 4th Annual Shaw Symposium at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, in the Festival Rehearsal Room.  It began with reports from ISS officers present, Vice-President Leonard Conolly and Membership Secretary Lori Dietrich, and with DD reporting on behalf of absent officers, Lagretta Lenker, Treasurer, and Norma Jenckes, Recording Secretary.

          VP Leonard Conolly called attention to a number of on-going publishing projects that are ISS-connected, the University of Toronto Shaw Correspondence Series, the UPF Shaw Series, and the Methuen series of teaching texts that will soon appear, and then looked forward to the planning that will begin soon for the next Shaw conference in Washington, D. C.

          Membership Secretary Lori Dietrich announced the acquiring of 5 new members at the Symposium, bringing the total for 2007 so far to 168 members (since expanded to 169).   Though most are from Canada and the U.S., she said, the ISS has members in 10 other countries: New Zealand, Australia, England, Ireland, Japan, India, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, and Poland.  She concluded by reminding that membership must be renewed every January 1, and that money gifts to the ISS at that time are crucial to ISS development.  She acknowledged the recent giving of two gift memberships to students on the part of Constance Crane.   She concluded by asking that she be notified of any changes in email or street address.

          DD then commented on the difficult of expanding the membership, given how generally elderly the membership was at the beginning and how every year members are lost to death or disability.  Apropos of that, he paid a special tribute to two devoted Shavians who passed away this year, Monty Davis, Artistic Director for many years of the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, and Professor Masahiko Masumoto, the first of the Japanese Shavians to join the ISS who encouraged other members of the BSSJ to join.   They both will be greatly missed, said DD.

          DD then reported, on behalf of Treasurer Lagretta Lenker, that the ISS is well into the black, with over $20,000 in the bank earning interest, which should fortify the ISS against the considerable expense of hosting a major conference in 2009.   To a question about when a full accounting of ISS finances is to be, DD reminded everyone that a full financial report for fiscal year 2006 was made in January of 2007, as required by ISS Bylaws, and this report is always online as a link from the members page at http://www.shawsociety.org/2006-ISS-Financial-Report.htm.   A budget projection for 2007 was also sent to members in January of 2007 and can be found online at http://www.shawsociety.org/2007-Budget-Projection.htm.

          DD then reported on behalf of Recording Secretary Norma Jenckes that she will soon call for nomination for officers whose terms are up at the end of 2007, that being Lori Dietrich as Membership Secretary and Norma Jenckes as Recording Secretary.   He asked anyone interested in serving to contact him or Norma by email, self-nominations being acceptable.

Moving into "Announcements," DD prefaced this by calling attention to the "Summary of the ISS Plan" on the back of the meeting agenda (see below), where the first item in the Summary calls for the ISS to arrange and host meetings "at which anyone interested in Shaw can find a gathering of kindred spirits and an occasion to speak on and discuss Shaw and to hear and see his works in performance.”  DD further commented that he has sought to establish in all four quarters of the year at least one meeting where papers on Shaw can be read and discussed.   He then reviewed the upcoming Shaw sessions that promised to be regular, annual events: The Comparative Drama Conference in L.A. in March, the Shaw Symposium in July or August, and the MLA in December.   Lacking is something in the Fall, and he asked for suggestions as to organizations offering possibilities for Shaw Sessions and in particular asked if any of the Irish associations would offer that.  He welcomed further suggestions and asked for a volunteer to be the coordinator of an annual event that would be scheduled in the Fall.   Email him at dietrich@cas.usf.edu if interested.   

          He further noted that these annual events are supplemented by major conferences, held triennially, and by occasional, special, one-of-a-kind meetings, such as the Shaw Seminar projected for the Croatian island of Brioni in 2009 to commemorate the remarkable month the Shaws spent with Gene Tunney and his wife in 1929 on that island.  

          Another possibility for a special meeting was proposed by Dr. Vinod Sharma, President of "Shaw's Corner" in India, who urged ISS members to consider a visit with her organization in India.  She also urged upon the ISS the supporting of efforts to translate Shaw's works into Hindu, Urdu, and other foreign languages.

          Regarding the D. C. conference in 2009, DD asked whether there was a preference for the Spring or the Fall.  There seemed to be some preference for the Fall, based partly on the higher prices hotels charge in the Spring.   Serious planning for this conference will begin soon, said DD.

          For lack of time, a few items on the agenda were skipped over or given short shrift, such as the possibility of an online Shaw concordance, which is being worked on by Kay Li, himself, and others, and the announcement of an ISS Blog.  Information about the latter can be found online at gbs.shawsociety.org.

          The meeting was concluded around 5:00 pm.

          Respectfully submitted by R. F. Dietrich, from notes provided by Lori Dietrich, substituting for Norma Jenckes.     8/10/07



At the Fourth Annual Shaw Symposium,

at the Shaw Festival, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario




A.)   Vice-President Leonard Conolly

B.)    Membership Secretary Lori Dietrich

C.)   Terms of Office




          A.) Shaw session at the MLA convention in Chicago on Dec. 30, 2006, presided over by Charles Del Dotto.   See link from http://www.shawsociety.org/ for details.  The ISS seeks affiliate status with the MLA.

          B.) Shaw session at the Comparative Drama Conference, in Los Angeles, sponsored by Loyola Marymount U., March 27-29, 2008.  Arranged by Tony Stafford.  See link from http://www.shawsociety.org/ for details and “call for papers.”

          C.) Next Shaw Symposium, presumably at the Shaw Festival, will be announced by December.   See link from http://www.shawsociety.org/ for details.  

          D.) Next Shaw conference scheduled for Washington, D. C. in 2009, to be co-sponsored by Catholic University of America and the Washington Stage Guild.   

          E.) Projects: Shaw Concordance?   Report from Kay Li.  




1.     Shaw Conference in Washington, D. C. in Spring or Fall of 2009?

2.     Shaw Seminar in Brioni in June of 2009?

3.     Is the Symposium format okay?

4.     Other suggestions for Shaw sessions?  Irish associations next?   Volunteer needed to arrange this.   

5.     An ISS blog is available at gbs.shawsociety.org.  Ask a question or start a discussion.

6.     Other ideas for making the ISS more successful and its websites more useful? 



The Fourth Annual Shaw Symposium Was Partly Sponsored By




In its Articles of Incorporation, the stated purpose of the International Shaw Society, a non-profit organization, is as follows:  “The ISS shall exist to provide a means for those interested in the study of the life, times, and career of Irish writer George Bernard Shaw to coordinate their activities, exchange information and ideas, and promote an interest in Shaw worldwide.”   Following is a 10-point plan to realize ISS goals:


Summary of the ISS Plan:


1.    Sponsor and arrange biennial or triennial conferences, annual symposia, and occasional special sessions and seminars around the world at which anyone interested in Shaw can find a gathering of kindred spirits and an occasion to speak on and discuss Shaw and to hear and see his works in performance. 

2.    Provide grants and scholarships and awards to young people (anyone under 40) interested in Shaw Studies to attend and participate in ISS-sponsored functions.  

3.    Encourage submission of papers to non-ISS conferences, periodicals, and the like to increase the visibility of Shaw and reinforce his canonical status. 

4.    Encourage the production of Shaw plays and arrange as often as possible for members to see productions and to visit with actors, directors, and other people active in the theater.   A strong theater component being vital to Shaw Studies, the ISS may eventually provide grants to theater artists to engage in the production of Shaw plays.   

5.    Keep the ISS open to the study of all aspects of Shaw's life and career, including his circle of friends and allies.  The ISS is to be Big Tent and Broad Church. 

6.    Provide opportunities for publishing for all Shaw scholars, partly through the sponsorship of SHAW: The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies, but also through support of the Shaw Series published by the University Press of Florida and the University of Toronto Press.   Investigate the possibility of an online concordance of all Shaw’s works, published and unpublished.    

7.    Encourage and contribute to the publication of Shaw-centered textbooks.

8.    Get Shaw Studies better organized and united through the use of email, websites, on-site visits, and cooperative arrangements with other Shaw Societies.

9.    Provide opportunities for participation in ISS activities via appointment and election to office or to committees.  Volunteerism encouraged.

10.              Provide business meetings and a de facto listerv, via email, newsletters, and a blog, in which these and other matters can  be reported, discussed, and voted on. 


Anyone interested in Shaw is invited to join the ISS, and an application form is included in the Symposium folder and is available on a linked page from the ISS website at www.shawsociety.org.


An ISS blog is available at gbs.shawsociety.org.   Ask a question or start a discussion.


Questions should be directed to the ISS president, Professor Richard F. Dietrich, at dietrich@shawsociety.org or by calling 813-503-0584.