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JULY 29, 2011

1.     President Leonard Conolly convened the meeting at 11:12 A.M.


2.     President’s Report:  After noting that the Guelph Conference had been especially lively, the President observed that only one major event is currently scheduled for next year:  the 8th symposium at Niagara-on-the-Lake,  July 27 through July 30.  He then mentioned a series of possible additions, including conferences or symposia  in  New York and Dublin.  The Dublin event, he added, might take place in the last week of May at University College, and he hoped that the theme and date could be firmed up as soon as possible.  Turning to 2013, President Conolly reported that Sue Morgan, a member of the staff at Shaw’s residence in Ayot, St. Lawrence, has suggested that we hold a conference there in late July. If we begin planning in earnest soon, we would have time to adjust the time frame for the annual Niagara-on-the-Lake symposium. President Conolly asked Michel Pharand, the editor, to give the members an update on  the SHAW ANNUAL.  Michel announced that the next issue will be mailed out in a few months, and he added that the following issue will have an organizing theme, Shaw and the City, with Desmond Harding as guest editor.  The 2013 Annual, however, will be a general issue, while Shaw and Health will, tentatively, be the theme of the 2014 issue. 


3.     THE VICE-PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Jay Tunney commented on the continuing success of David Staller’s Project Shaw series in New York, and suggested that the ISS consider some form of association with Project Shaw, beginning perhaps with a small weekend symposium, devoted to a theme like Shaw on Religion, to be held sometime next year in New York.   

4.     THE TREASURER’S REPORT:  Dick Dietrich reported that our income has increased this year, due largely to the special gift from Jay Tunney.  However, the new membership form, which separates ISS membership from subscription to the SHAW ANNUAL, has apparently caused journal subscriptions to drop by over 40%. Nevertheless, that drop may not mean fewer readers, since everyone can now access the journal on Project Muse. When the suggestion of making subscriptions less expensive by once more publishing the Annual in paperback format rather than in hardcover came from the floor, no one objected. The Treasurer also reported a decline of 24 in our membership over the last two years.  In response, some members suggested that the drop may be related to the difficult economy, and the decline may reverse itself when the economy recovers. The idea of dropping the membership fee to $20.00 as an immediate counter measure was briefly discussed, and the consensus view was that the Treasurer should decide the amount of the fee.  He then said he would consider the matter further. (After a subsequent meeting with the Executive Committee, the decision was made to stick with the present rate.) Dick also raised a side issue: should those who contribute financially to the ISS, beyond the membership fee, be thanked more officially and adequately?  After a brief discussion, Lori Dietrich agreed to write thank you notes to such contributors, on behalf of the membership. (Note that you can always see an ISS Financial Report by hitting the link to it on the ISS Members Page.  Or go directly to    

5.     MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY’S REPORT: Ann Stewart reported that, as Recording Secretary, she inherited the management of 4 data bases, and she is steadily learning her way around them. She also informed the members that, as of July18, the society had 169 members (since amended to 174), distributed among a wide range of countries; we are truly an international group.  Finally, she asked members to let her know if they are not getting their ISS messages.

6.     ADJOURNMENT: After expressing the thanks of all the officers and members to the organizers and hosts of the Guelph Conference, Leonard Conolly adjourned the meeting at 11:55 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,

John McInerney, Recording Secretary


P.S. Minutes of ISS Meetings can always be accessed on a link from the ISS Members Page.