Minutes of the International Shaw Society Meeting of July 26, 2009

At the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Following the Sixth Annual Shaw Symposium

Prepared by John McInerney, Recording Secretary


  1. Following a general discussion that anticipated some of the items on the agenda of the ISS meeting to follow, the meeting was called to order by ISS President Richard Dietrich at 4:02 P.M.


  1. Summary of Officers’ Reports.  Because of the absence of some of the officers and the fact that there will be another ISS meeting at the DC Conference, the regular reports were omitted, except for comments by VP Leonard Conolly later about the next conference.


  1. Announcements & Issues for Discussion (President Dietrich commented on each in turn):


    1. Shaw session at the 2009 MLA convention in Philadelphia is cancelled because not accepted by MLA committee, for unexplained reasons.   Another attempt will be made for 2010 by Charles Del Dotto.  The ISS is just one session away from being eligible to apply for affiliate status with the MLA.


    1. Shaw sessions at the Comparative Drama Conference (at the end of March each year) have been met with increased attendance, and so again proposals should be sent to Tony Stafford by Nov. 15, 2009.


    1. Participation in the “Shaw and Politics” Conference in Washington: President Dietrich reported that the local organizers of the conference have been very welcoming to and encouraging of participation by Shaw scholars.  He noted, however, that only 20% of the registrants are ISS members, which indicates a decline from comparable figures at previous Shaw sessions.  He wondered why.  A very brief discussion did not arrive at a consensus answer, but there was a suggestion that the date of the conference might be a contributing factor. [Addendum: The most recent registration list shows that ISS participation has risen to around 40%, which is closer to the norm.]


    1. Correction of deadline for proposals for the 2010 Summer Symposium:  The President confirmed that the deadline for submission of proposals for next summer’s Symposium at the Shaw Festival will be April 15, 2010, not 2009, as appeared in the original agenda.


    1. Leonard Conolly spoke of his efforts to combine the 2011 Summer Symposium at the Shaw Festival with the next major conference by the ISS, in honor of the Shaw Festival’s 50th Anniversary.   


    1. Multiple Shaw Symposia on the horizon: expanding on items F. and G. in the agenda, the President suggested that the Symposium at the Shaw Festival will in the future be called the Summer Symposium, and the annual Chicago Shaw Festival (co-sponsored by the ShawChicago Theater Co., which will present a production of  Cashel Byron’s Profession at the upcoming session in 2010) could be known as the Fall Shaw Symposium if we succeed in establishing it on an annual basis.  Then, if David Staller’s Project Shaw morphs into an annual season at an off-Broadway theater, an ISS Spring Symposium in New York might accompany it.  Although there was no substantial discussion, the members seemed to react favorably to this prospect.


    1. The meeting was adjourned at 4:18 P.M. 


                                                                                                  Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                  John McInerney, Recording Secretary