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Monday All Day


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Alan Andrews starts off the morning session with a fascinating disquisition on a stealth Shakespeare in Shaw’s plays: “Shaw, Shakespeare, and Saint Joan.”








Kay Li then reveals an even stealthier connection between Saint Joan  and  China’s last emperor: “Saint Joan Challenged: Shaw and the Chinese Last Emperor Henry Pu-yi.”  








Alan and Kay are amused, I forget by what.  Our questions?












Isidor Saslav gives an unscheduled but interesting account of a JOAN production at Bard College.











Dick, Doug Zschiegner, and Dick Cheski make good use of a short break, after which we are led on a backstage tour of the Shaw Festival.   Anybody take pictures of that they’d like to share?  Ours didn’t come out!








The Warsetts have a picnic lunch on the Festival veranda with Tom Bahring and Sara Fischer











Bob Gaines and Toni Burke enjoy the picnic.












As do Betsy and Dave Cayer














And Mary and Richard Cheski













And Beatrice Froute de Domec & Larry Broer













And Dorothy Hadfield and Larry Switzky













And  ?  with  Carole and Robert Koros













Jim Goode with Doug Zschiegner













Sharon Klassen with John McInerney













Virginia Costello, Leonard, and Amanda Cuellar














Vinod Sharma with Virginia














Returning to business, the group assembles for the afternoon’s papers on THE PHILANDERER in the Rehearsal Room at the Festival.   For other shots of “the audience,” see Group Shots on page 4.







Dorothy Hadfield leads off with “Out with the Old Woman, In with the New”












Somehow we didn’t get a shot of Murray Biggs speaking on “The Last Act(s) of The Philanderer,” but here he is in the Q & A panel with Dorothy Hadfield.









Somehow the photographer also did not get a shot of Dick impersonating Al Carpenter in the delivery of “Homo Philanderus as Created and Embodied by Bernard Shaw,” but Dick almost made it into this panel shot.   Al’s tripping over his dog and wrenching his gas pedal foot just prior to the Symposium accounted for his absence and the need for Dick to pinch-hit.   Al and Martha were missed.



Larry Switzky delivers “Paramore’s Progeny: Shaw Against the Doctors”












Virginia Costello on “Bernard Shaw Meets Emma Goldman, chez Frank Harris”












Larry and Virginia on the Q & A panel that concluded the talks.













The Symposium concluded with a meeting of the International Shaw Society, and, believe it or not, the photographer did not take a shot of that.  Perhaps because she was too busy multi-tasking as the Membership Secretary and pinch-hitting as the Recording Secretary.


But now on to “Group Shots,” where you may find your attendance recorded, if nowhere else!  Click Here




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