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Sunday Morning Rites


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Sunday morning brought out the caffeinos, among them Lori, Doug Warsett, and Leonard, prior to an even more stimulating panel of the three directors who have last tried their hand at directing Saint Joan at the Shaw Festival, Christopher Newton, Neil Munroe, and Jackie Maxwell.  






Christopher, Jackie, and Neil all agree that Saint Joan’s Epilogue is a problem for the director.  












After a break, Master of Ceremonies Leonard Conolly introduces the first panel of papers, on Saint Joan.












With John McInerney leading the way on “Joan’s Inquisitor, the ‘Spinning’ of the Inquisition, and the Prisoners at Guantanamo.”










Followed by Vinod Bala Sharma with “The Politico-Religious Relevance of Saint Joan.”











And Amanda Cuellar on “Layers of Villainy in Saint Joan.”












And then they do Q&A as a team.













After lunch, it’s off to see The Philanderer.














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